Zero waste week

This week is Zero waste week. This is going to be one exciting week. Would love everyone to get involved. So what is zero waste week all about? It is a week were everyone works really hard not to waste any food. This means eating and using up any and all food and not wasting any edible food. Throwing peels or cores or other true waste products in the compost bin or feeding to animals are completely acceptable. To help you keep yourself in check you can use the very good food audit fromĀ Love Food Hate Waste website. The easiest way to not waste food is not to over buy or over cook items unless you intend to eat leftovers (which we always do here I love leftovers).
So here at NZ Ecochick headquarters we very rarely waste food and when it is “wasted” it goes to the chooks which in turn give me yummy eggs so not really waste. However if that food could have been eaten and we didn’t eat it then this is waste even if it is given to the chooks. So as well as zero food waste we have set the challenge not to throw anything in the landfill for a week. This will be very interesting and challenging. You can sign up at zero waste week and join in the fun at the facebook zero waste challenge. So onwards and upwards to zero waste week. Will you join us?
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