Zero waste week round up

Zero waste week round was interesting and a little daunting and sadly I failed miserably. Waa. The not wasting food part wasn’t so hard we only had a few mishaps like 58g of porridge that exploded in the microwave. Poor Mr Ecochick wasn’t having a good morning but the chooks love porridge so wasn’t truly wasted. Of course the girls repaid me with four beautiful eggs.
Check out these happy chooks they love the boy’s left over milk. Gabriel has formula and so what he doesn’t drink in one go I have to get rid of and the chooks are very happy to oblige. Left over milk can also be given to citrus trees. If you have lots of milk going to waste you can make super easy¬†curd cheese.
My other food waste was a slice of bread that John didn’t eat and didn’t get eaten by anyone else so out to the chooks it went as well. Bread is one of their favourite foods.
I divided my food scarps into what can be composted, what can be given to the chooks and what can be put on the garden. I reuse my coffee grounds on my garden to feed my citrus, blueberry, strawberry plants. Egg shells are cooked up and fed back to the chooks for calcium. Lots of scraps are feed to the chicken’s or the rabbit at kindy.
The rest goes in the compost bin. This is mostly onion and garlic peels, soap nuts, avocado skins and other things the chooks can’t or wont eat. 1130g went in the compost bin.
Here’s my week’s bag of recycling. 770g of recycling.
Now my shame. My plan was to have a week of putting nothing in the landfill but wow is that hard! We recycle as must as possible and are super careful of what we buy and use and still we had 190g going in the landfill. Big fail but I guess in the grand scheme of things this is about half a normal week though we only put out a rubbish bag every 2 months. I will keep this up and maybe we’ll putting out a rubbish bag every three months.
Did you participate in Zero waste week? If so how did you do? Or do you feel inspired to give it a go now? Since every week should be zero waste week.
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