Wooden pegs

I love washing (well I love clean washing) I actually miss my washing machine. Since the renovations started like a million years ago I’ve had no washing machine and it sucks! I’m super lucky that mum has been doing my washing for me but frankly it’s a pain for all of us.

When you hang out washing you obviously need pegs (pronounced pigs if you’re a kiwi! Ha ha yes I say it like that too!); lots and lots of pegs. I forever seem to be buying new pegs as they either break or seem to grow legs and run away. I think one certain little baby helps too as he loves pegs and so they end up all over the house and garden and car and his room; everywhere.

wooden_washing_pegsPegs aren’t particularly environmentally friendly all that plastic and stuff. I mean I know plastic can be recycled but by the time it’s finished it isn’t really recyclable anymore so it has to go in the trash. I’ve wanted wooden pegs for ages but they are really hard to find decent ones. I bought a few packets from the two dollar shop but they were absolute rubbish.

I’ve started using Go bamboo’s pegs. I bought a pack they seem very sturdy and are made of bamboo which is so cool as I love bamboo. These pegs look great and I love that they are completely recyclable at the end of their life and of course Go bamboo is a New Zealand company. Now to keep these new pegs in the peg basket!



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