Wooden peg update

There was a lot of interest in the new wooden pegs I bought so I thought I’d let you know how I’m going. So Mr TestPeg has been outside in the sun, cold and rain to see how he would stand up to the elements. Mr TP was on the deck to start with but one little baby loves pegs and so I kept finding Mr TP in random places and I have actually lost him now. So far he looks just the same as he did when I bought him home. It has been super windy and these pegs are able to hold jeans, towels and baby nappies on the line. So at the moment I can recommended these as an alternative to plastic pegs.

What to do with crappy other wooden pegs I bought? Thanks Micro gardener for this great idea: write veggie or herb names on them so you know what you’ve planted where. I broke some kebab skewers in half and pushed them into the soil then wrote veggie names on the pegs and clipped them onto the skewers. They look very cute. I went back to check on them a while later only the kale peg has gone walkabout; little John sure loves his pegs.


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