Wooden coathangers

I bought 81 wooden coat hangers the other day. Mr Ecochick almost had kittens when I told him I bought 81 coat hangers. He calmed down when I said we had 100 coat hangers in our closet at the moment. Even so he didn’t see the point of buying new coat hangers when we had plastic ones already. So why did I buy them apart from the fact they were a steal on trade me? Obviously wood is better than plastic and I’ve found the plastic ones bend over time and don’t hold the shape of your clothes as well. We needed several new coat hangers anyway and I could buy plastic but well wood is wood and not plastic.  Of course these are second had so that made them even more attractive. So John and I had fun rearranging our closet and taking out the plastic hangers and putting up new one. 
I arranged all the hangers with their hooks backwards with the plan that when we wear an item we’ll turn the hook around so we know what we do and don’t wear. Then in a years time anything with it’s hook still backwards can go.
Two things I forgot to take into account; one, these wooden coat hangers are not flat and bend in one direction so they take up more room than the plastic ones so out clothes actually fit tighter. If I bought them again I’d make sure they were flat hangers. 
Two, these coat hangers don’t have a trouser bar so I’ll have to buy another twenty or so with the middle bar to completely replace all our hangers. On the upside I had several left over so I put them in John’s room and got rid of the useless fiddly kids plastic hangers in there.   
I got rid of the old plastic ones from our room on freecycle. The little kids plastic ones I kept for Gabriel’s room or until I get some wooden ones for him. Oh wood how I love you.
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