Wooden alternatives

I love wood. I love bamboo. I love buying things that are compostable and don’t need to go in the landfill. I thought I’d share some of my favourite wooden alternatives. 
First on the list is of course Go bamboo toothbrushes. I love my bamboo toothbrushes and love that they are completely biodegradable.
Next on my list are these super cute and fantastically strong Go bamboo clothes pegs. These pegs are little but they can stand up to tough winds! I love that they are bamboo and metal so at the end of their life NO waste. They come in recyclable cardboard boxes. The bamboo toothbrushes and pegs can be bought from Healthy Alternatives.  
My brother made this beautiful rimu chopping board for us years ago. Wooden chopping boards look great and are so practical. You can use them to prepare or present food on. Though if you are chopping meat you might be better off using a glass board as wood is not easy to sterilise.   
No one likes cleaning dishes (ok, maybe some people do but NOT ME!!). These cute wooden dish brushes make doing dishes more environmentally friendly. I love these brushes as you buy them as a complete set and then when the head gets worn you take it off the brush throw it in the compost and put on a brand new head! At the end of the life of the handle take off the metal bits and recycle these and compost the handle.     
Of course I have to mention wooden children’s toys. There are so many amazing wooden toys out there for children. Wood lasts several life times (John plays with a lot of toys that my brothers and I played with and even ones my parent’s played with). Since so many companies now make wooden toys keep an eye on what type of paint they use as a lot of the cheaper toys are not necessarily non-toxic paints.     
Of course there are many other items in your home that you can buy made from wood; ie furniture, crockery, etc. What do you have that’s wood in your home?  
Madeleine  x
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