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When we first started using cloth wipes we just used water on the wipes which worked really well. Though we had a very small case of nappy rash so I decided to make the wipes solution I had been told about. The solution was made by Wendyl Nissen; the Green Goddess and can be found on her website. You can now buy a readymade wipes solution and kit from the green goddess.

The solution is nice and easy to make which I like as other solutions I’ve read about are all too complicated for my liking or use too many products.

baby_wipes_soultionGreen Goddess’ wipes solution:

½ cup water

1 Tbs rosewater

1 Tbs witch hazel

Mix together and pour over wipes.

I actually use 2 cups water and 4 tablespoons of both rosewater and witch hazel. To make it even easier I have an old mayonnaise jar that I’ve draw on to indicate how much water and rosewater/ witchhazel I need. We then pour the mixed solution into a container and dip our cloth wipes in at changing time. I have a small bottle that I’ve put some solution in for when we’re out and about.

Since using this solution we’ve had no nappy rash at all and also the redness in his skin is no longer present. It also smells great as when you enter the room you get a waft of roses. Not many people can say that about their change table.

In New Zealand you can buy good quality rosewater and witch hazel from lotus oils and  soap craft or from trade me. Synthetic rosewater and witch hazel can be cheaply bought from the local chemist.

Update: Actually we’ve had an ongoing issue with nappy rash due to an infection and also every time John teethes we get nappy rash. I have gone back buying the rosewater and witch-hazel in separate bottles. I buy better quality waters. This costs more but I do believe it helps. Even with buying the better quality (more expensive) product I believe it is still cheaper and better for the environment than buying wipes.

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