Winter veggies

As winter approaches us here in New Zealand a few of my friends have asked me what they can plant and grow in the winter time so I thought I’d do a post. A lot of people think that now that autumn/ winter is coming the growing season is over and there are no decent veggies to grow but this simply isn’t the case. I love winter veggies my favourite that I grow are:
Silverbeet, red onions and kale 
Spinach; I just love this versatile green that grows all year round. It will grow pretty much anywhere in anything (including pretty much any soil). You can grow these from seed or seedlings. I’ve done both and I prefer seedlings as I’m pretty much guaranteed a big crop. Likes full sun but will tolerate some shade.
Silverbeet; another versatile green that grows all year round that will also grow anywhere including in the shade. Again I prefer seedlings. I love a mixture of traditional silverbeet and also rainbow coloured ones they taste the same but add some nice colour.
Kale; I love eating kale all year round so I actually grow it all year though traditionally it’s a winter crop. I normally grow borecole but I want to add some other varieties this year. Likes full sun but will tolerate some shade.
Onions/ shallots; all types of onions can be planted. I like to buy seedlings as you get heaps of seedlings in a punnet and is so much faster than growing from seeds. Likes full sun.
Lettuce; saves you so much money to grow your own. Just pull off a few leaves anytime you want a sandwich or salad. Grow from seeds or seedlings. Likes some sun but will grow in the shade.

Broad beans/ Peas; grow from seeds or seedlings. Will need support so grow them up a trellis of some type. Likes full sun.

Baby carrots
Broccoli/ cauliflower; now that butterfly season is almost over it’s time to put in some brassicas. Keep an eye on them if you are too slow to pick them they will go to seed. 
Carrots; home grown carrots are amazing. You can never plant too many carrots! Grow from seeds only (seedlings are pretty much a waste of money). Likes full sun and stonefree soil. Carrots need thinning regularly.
Coriander; love this herb but boy does it bolt in summer time. Will get some in now for the winter. Remember to water this plant well or it’ll bolt.
Garlic; plant on the shortest day. I had some very small but very potent garlic last year so I will definitely put much more in this year.
Strawberries; plant in a sunny spot. Peg down the strawberry runners to get fresh new plants.
Horseradish; I’ve never grown this before but I’m going to plant it in one of my herb sinks as I hear once you have it it’ll spread and then you’ll never be rid of it.
Beetroot; fresh beetroot is amazing raw, cooked or in cupcakes. Likes full sun and can be grown from seeds or seedlings.
You can also plant cabbages, radishes, Swedes, turnips, Chinese cabbages, leeks, celery, parsnips. 

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