Wholefood waste free kids lunches

I wanted to share some of John’s wholefood waste free lunches that he takes to kindy when he does full days. I’m a strong believer in just eating real food (JERF) so let’s keep it simple people and JERF it! jerf_school_lunches JERF is Sean Croxton from Underground Wellness’ catch phrase. I LOVE Sean if you haven’t heard of him you so need to check out his site. He is one of the reason’s I am studying to be a nutritionist.

So here are a bunch of photos of what John has eaten over the last few weeks. Most things are homemade and waste free. John brings some fruit or a vegetable to have a shared morning and afternoon tea at kindy so when he goes to school later this year I will need to add extra items to his lunch box. Most days I add a tin with dried fruit and nuts in it so that John can nibble on these if he wants an extra snack at kindy. This tin often comes home uneaten and will go out again the next day. John’s kindy is now nut free so I’ll only be adding dried fruit and seeds in his tin from now on. wastefree_kids_lunches Mung bean pancakes (from Emma Galloway’s amazing book) with cheese and avocado. Cheese and carrots sticks, a mandarin and a tin with dried fruit and nuts in it. wastefree_kids_lunches Homemade sushi, carrot sticks, kiwifruit and chocolate brownie (from Dr Libby’s Sweet Food Story). wastefree_kids_lunches Gluten free homemade bread with avocado, cheese, kelp powder and spinach, carrot sticks, homemade Greek yoghurt with frozen strawberries and some maple syrup. Apple and the nut tin. wastefree_kids_lunches Tortillas with marmite and cheese. Homemade Greek yoghurt with frozen blueberries and raspberries plus some maple syrup. Banana bread and the nut bag.


Broccoli and silverbeet frittata, blueberry breakfast slice (from natural new age mum), chia pudding with a mandarin and some dried fruit; fig and sultanas.

Some other JERF lunch ideas;

Waste free kids lunches

I keep John’s lunches waste free by using reusable snack bags plus I use small metal or sometimes plastic tins. I pop all his lunch in an insulated lunch bag with a cloth napkin and his own cutlery if he needs it. I am still trying to decide what I am going to put John’s school lunch in as I’m not sure if his insulated bag is big enough. I am looking at different metal lunchbox options. I love my snack bags so I’m thinking of getting a larger metal tin to put these in or there are some super cool metal lunchboxes which have dividers in them. I’ll let you know when I find what I want to use. What do you put in your kids lunches? How do you keep their lunches waste free? Or have I inspired you to try something different? eco_living_nz

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