Who does what?

So how are chores divided up in your household? We don’t really have a list as such for who does what but we do kind of have our own chores that we do. There are a few chores I absolutely hate; I hate trash, I hate firewood (just as well we have gas heating), I hate cleaning toilets and showers, I don’t like cooking, I don’t like dirty dishes, I don’t like putting washing away, I hate messy unmade beds, I hate washing baskets full of clean washing. What I do love though is fresh bed sheets  in a recently vacuumed room and a clean house. What I really hate about housework is that it never stays done!
We share most things in this household. Mr Ecochick does  all the yard work and almost all the cooking, he is such an amazing cook I always say I live with a chief. He also enjoys doing it though I know he would love it if I did more cooking and now that I’m at home with the little man I will get into it more. The times I have done it I have actually enjoyed it. Often I get brought breakfast in bed – I love having breakfast in bed I feel so lucky, loved and spoilt. So because Mr Ecochick does most of the cooking I tend to do most of the kitchen cleaning; only fair.
The laundry is mostly my department; though I guess this is more to do with my obsession with clean washing than anything else. Though then I have to deal with all the clean washing; luckily the washing fairies (that would be me) generally put away the washing though sometimes the baskets can pile up a little but until I can’t handle it any more and have a tidy frenzy.
We do have a few tasks that are kind of our domains ie; Mr Ecochick takes out the rubbish when we are participating. Everything else in the house is either done together or shared. Often we do the household chores on the weekend together though now that I’m at home and Mr Ecochick is at work all week I try to get most of the household items done so that we can just spend the weekend together as a family. At the moment the house smells great as Mr Ecochick has been busy vacuuming and mopping the floors. How lucky am I?!
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