What oil to cook with?

Cooking food generally involves using some type of oil however choosing which oil to use can be confusing. There are so many types of oils out there it can be very difficult to decide which is best. I’m not a nutritionist or doctor or scientist I’ve just been doing lots of reading and come to the conclusion on which oils we’ll use in our home.
For high heat cooking or any general cooking we are using organic extra virgin coconut oil or butter. For low heat cooking we use New Zealand cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.
So why have we changed from vegetable oil to these? Because I’m completed obsessed with watching food documentaries and reading health books and learning as much as possible about truly healthy eating. Therefore the more I read the more I want to know.
oil_nz_buySo what changes have we made? We’ve only changed a few changes but wow do I feel good (oh and I’ve lost some weight too which is always great). We’re vegetarian and cook from scratch so we’ve changed which oils we cook with, reduced our carbohydrate (mostly bread and pasta) consumption, reduced how much sugar we eat, increased our green vegetables, eating/ using full fat products and drinking lots of water. So basically a wholefood plant based diet.
So why are we avoiding vegetable oils? Most vegetables oils on the market did not exist 100 years ago, are highly processed, toxic to our bodies, completely unnaturally and made up of highly unstable polyunsaturated fats which aren’t healthy to consume. Check out this fantastic article from food matters for a great flow chart of how these unnatural vegetable oils are made plus much more in depth information than I’ve given you.
The more I learn the more I am glad that we have made the switch to either using coconut oil or good old butter (read the label the cheaper brands water their butter down so buy one that is just cream and salt). The more I read and watch the more I want to share so that everyone can be informed and make a choice what is right for their family and body.

Shows I’m loving and learning so much from

Food matters
Forks over knives
Hungry for change
Food inc
Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution
Fat sick and nearly dead

Books I’m loving

Hungry for change
Jon Gabriel -The Gabriel method
Dr Libby – Beauty from the inside out
The Gawler Foundation Eat well: be well cookbook
Ceres’ Organics for all seasons
Nicola Galloway – Feeding little tummies
Recipe books I really want
Food matters the recipe book
Forks over knives the cookbook

Tomorrow I have a guest post of how to use up your vegetable oils in your cupboards rather than consuming them. What oils do you eat/ cook with? Do you have any other movies/ books to recommend? Please do look into these docos and books; your body will thank you.


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