Welcome to the wonderful world of cloth!

Cloth I love you!!! Oh how I love you!!! Why should you love cloth too? Cloth will save you money; truck loads of money; cloth will reduce your waste; oh so so much waste; cloth WILL save the environment. Cloth is amazing as it can be reused over and over and OVER again and then either composted or turned into something else. Upcycling is very cool!

I started my reduce your waste series back in November (wow time flies!!) so I thought I REALLY MUST do part three! So here is how I use cloth to reduce my waste and now you can too.  cloth_eco_nz1. Carry small fold up bags in your handbag, backpack, car or pocket and you’ll never get caught out or need to take a plastic shopping bag again when you’re out and about doing a spot of shopping.

2. Forgo plastic wrap when packing your kids school or your work lunches get some wonderful cloth reusable plastic free lunch wrap. I love reusable snack bags they come in a huge range of colours, sizes and styles to fit almost every lunch or snack need into.

3. Cloth make up pads are a fantastic way to save you money and waste. Taking your make up off can be an expensive exercise with buying make up pads and then throwing away these single use item. Get or make some wonderful bamboo velour or cotton rounds to take your make up off. Feels great on your eye, wallet and rubbish.

4. Use cloth napkins! So simple never buy paper towels again. I know paper towels are biodegradable but still why buy something you really don’t need? Cloth napkins come in a range of colours and sizes or better still make your own so everyone has their own custom made one!  The possibilities are endless. At the end of your meal (if dirty) simply throw them in the wash to be reused another day.

5. Old school hankies! Yep I’m bringing the hanky back or nose tissues as we call them. John always has a hanky in his pocket or under his pillow (he is even known for this at kindy so cute). Us adults don’t use hankies we use squares of cotton I made that are just like paper tissues but are made of cloth. You wipe your noise then throw them in the wash! Saves you lots of money and also heaps of waste as I found lots of our waste was nose tissues. We also have very similar cloth squares that are used as cloth toilet paper. Wow now using cloth toilet paper saves a heap of money and waste too!!

6. Mama pads! Just think every month you go to the supermarket, waste a ton of money over your lifetime and then throw these plastic products in the bin or flush down the toilet (which you shouldn’t actually do anyways). Mama pads are not as gross as you think actually once you start using them the thought of going to the supermarket and buying plastic products to put on your private parts. Eww. I actually did get caught out one month and man I HATED buying the store bought alternatives. So uncomfortable! and wasteful!

7. Bring your own vegetable/ produce bags to the market/ supermarket. No need to bring home those horrible useless plastic vegetable bags simple get or make some small cloth bags to buy your fresh veggies and fruit in. I don’t know how often I get asked what these bags are! (and where they can be bought!) They are so stylish and versatile.

8. Cloth shopping bags. I know lots of people take their bags to the supermarket and this is fantastic and good on you all!! Sadly most of the ones sold in stores and that are given out at every corner are actually made of plastic and even worse are NOT recyclable. So next time you buy some “reusable” bags make sure they are made of cotton, hemp, jute or any other natural (not man-made) product.

9. Babies and cloth. If you have a baby or child you can use pretty much everything they need in cloth. No need to buy plastic or have any waste when you have children. You can use cloth nappies, cloth wipes, cloth nappy bags, cloth change pad, cloth training pants, cloth undies, cloth clothes, cloth, cloth, cloth!!!

I tell you nothing rocks my world like cloth does. It really gets me going!! I love finding new ways to reduce our waste with cloth. Please let me know any tips you have to share!

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Come join the fun. Reduce your waste today. One small step at a time.


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5 thoughts on “Welcome to the wonderful world of cloth!

  1. Chaucey
    February 18, 2014 at 9:18 am

    Great suggestions. Cloth is nice. I swing between using a lot and then relaxing off a bit. I am happy that I don’t have to do it 100% to still think it is worthwhile.
    I try and use at least one cloth nappy for my baby each day.
    My kids lunchboxes have enough compartments that they generally don’t need any wrap or plastic bags.
    Yes to mama pads.
    I reuse my baby’s paper swim nappy by rinsing and air drying it, but when we’ve run out of that packet and her growth has slowed a little then I must investigate a cloth swim nappy for her.

    1. February 26, 2014 at 1:50 pm

      Good for you Chaucey. If every family in NZ use one cloth nappy a day that would keep 1 million nappies out of the landfill!!! Wow so good for you! What lunchboxes are you using? I am still looking for one that’s not plastic for John for next year. I use cloth swimming nappies they actually don’t cost much I think I only paid about $20 for mine. Even baby city/ factory (can’t remember which one) has some cheap ones. You rock!!! Mx

  2. February 26, 2014 at 11:47 am

    Yeah!!! I’ve never understood the attraction of paper tissues and paper napkins, they just fall apart. As for the shopping bags I’ve been carrying string bags and latterly onya bags around for years. I used to get funny looks in stores when I said I had my own bags! Cotton nappies were so much easier to use than disposables. I think it’s about mindset. People think they have to do something a certain way because everyone else does and assume that because everyone does it a certain way it is easier/better/nicer.

    1. February 26, 2014 at 1:54 pm

      I so hear you!!!! Isn’t it funny the looks and comments you get when refusing a plastic bag and stating you have your own. I think you have to do what’s best for you and your family. So go you!!! Mx

  3. Frank
    March 21, 2014 at 8:34 pm

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    check them out! http://www.planetbox.com