Welcome new Ecochick

I’m sure you’ve all noticed I’ve been rather MIA lately. That’s all because I have some very exciting news to share it’s not because I don’t love you all! We’re very happy to announce we are welcoming a new baby Ecochick to our family. A little brother or sister for little John to play with.
We’re so excited that our little family is going to grow into a family of four. What fun. Little Grape is well and healthy. I’ve well and healthy. I’ve been very tired but I have amazing pregnancies. I just love being pregnant. I don’t even get morning sickness (I’m sure many of you will hate me for that sorry).
The noticeable difference between this pregnancy and John’s is that with him I always wanted sweet things. I put that down to just being pregnant I mean chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Dah just normal! This time however not so much into the sweets all I want is carbohydrates and the more potatoes the better! Oh and apple juice! 
I found this super cute badge on the internet I think it originally came from mutha crafter I love.
I’m looking forward to having more energy in my second trimester. How were your pregnancies? Any crazy cravings? 
Madeleine  x
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