Waste free laundry

Waste free laundry; crazy? Yep it’s totally a thing. I’m totally make it a thing and I’m loving it!! So what am I on about? Just think plastic pegs, plastic wash baskets, plastic containers with chemicals I mean detergents in it, you get the picture.


So what’s my thing? First I have to mention my awesome front loading Bosch washing machine. It’s super efficient and cleans so well plus is so gentle on my cloth. Waste free starts with reducing your washing machine’s output as well  (this is something to think about when you are buying a new machine). I nearly always wash in cold water to save money and my clothes.

I must mention we don’t wash our clothes every time we wear them. Actually we wear them several times before washing them; if they aren’t dirty they go back in the cupboard to be worn another day. Even John knows that if his clothes aren’t dirty he is to fold them up and put them in drawer (I said he knows this it doesn’t mean it always happens but we try). I also usually wear jeans etc when out and about but when I get home I change and put on yoga pants (apartment pants) to be more comfortable and yep it makes my “adult” clothes last longer. So yep if you come over unannounced I’ll be wearing baggy pants and a sweatshirt. Saves me a ton of money I tell you! Plus I’m comfy.


Then there’s what I use in my machine. I make my own laundry powder I use Wendyl’s recipe. So nice and easy. I don’t even blend it anymore I just pop it into my jar and shake and stir and we’re away laughing. I use a silver (yeah sorry mum!) coffee scoop and put one scoop into each load. No chemicals and no smells I have to say I HATE how most washing powders smell and how that smell stays on your clothes all the time! I actually don’t add any oils to my powder I like it without a smell at all!


Of course the most eco and waste free way to dry your washing is to hang it outside on the line in the sunshine. So you’ll need something to put your washing in. I use wicker baskets. I have to say I have a bout 5 of these (crazy washer woman!!!). You can either get them from second hand shops or several years ago I found them at the supermarket. Obviously you need to look after these a little so don’t leave anything wet in them and don’t leave them outside.


Once outside you’ll need pegs (I love that Americans call them washing pins so cute) to hang your clothes up with. I love the Go Bamboo wooden pegs and have used them for several years now and they really stand up to the test of time and the NZ harsh conditions. I keep my pegs in an old metal peg tin my mum found me once. One day it’ll be attached to my washing line but for now it sits on the picnic table. It has a lid so stops my pegs from getting wet which extends their life. I don’t leave my pegs hanging on the line, have to say I hate that!

waste_free_laundryI use these cool metal clothes hangers to hang up all my little washing bits and pieces like socks and cloth tissues/ toilet paper/ make up pads/ etc. Makes hanging up these items so much easier rather than hanging every single item on the washing line.

Bonus tip; in the winter and just sometimes if things are needed urgently I use my dryer; it is what it is especially with the current cold wet winter weather. I have a tennis ball in my washing machine to help reduce the time it takes for my washing to dry. I know you can buy cool woolen dryer balls so I might get some of these when my tennis ball dies.

So there you have it my waste free laundry do you have any tips to add or share?







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