Wholefood, waste free second birthday party

All too often party’s (especially ones for children) are full of processed foods and sugar and lots of waste. So for all the parties we’ve had for the boys is generally just a family affair (except John’s first birthday) this year we had a little bit more of an afternoon soiree with extended family and friends. I wanted the party to be a completely wholefood party and Gabriel friendly (he is gluten and dairy free to try to keep his eczema under control) and of course waste free.


I do not believe just because it is a children’s birthday party that it needs to be full of sugar and quite frankly crap. So what did we serve at our wholefood completely cooked from scratch party? I didn’t want a serious sit down around a table type of lunch so we just put all the food out buffet style so everyone could just help themselves.

The wholefood menu;

  • Heart green salad with garlic paste dressing (from Organics for all seasons from Ceres Organics)
  • Egg roast with quail eggs – it’s like eggs in a spicy tomato paste (from India from Rick Stein – my current favourite cookbook it’s so fantastic)
  • Morel pulao – like a spicy mushroom risotto (from India from Rick Stein)
  • Yellow split pea dhal
  • Aloo palak (silverbeet and potato curry Mr Ecochick’s recipe)
  • Corn salad (my MIL is the salad queen in our family and does THE most amazing salads)
  • Sweet chili potatoes
  • Fresh homemade gluten free bread
  • the birthday Gabriel choose was a traditional cheesecake with berry coulis (from Dr Libby’s Sweet Food Story)
  • Chocolate ice cream (from Dr Libby’s Sweet Food Story)
  • Fresh blueberries and strawberries
  • Fruit water to drink (a large jug of water with frozen blueberries and strawberries in it instead of ice)
  • Locally made craft beer and cider
  • Afghans (made by my neighbour –  they aren’t Gabriel friendly but sure are amazing she knows how to bake old school – all full fat and full of flavour)


 How we kept the party waste free

I hate waste and rubbish- so so much rubbish in the world. To keep our party (and general lives) waste free we used “real” crockery, glasses and cutlery that we washed (well my amazing girlfriend washed them for me so I could play hostess what a darling!). We used tablecloths and napkins.

We didn’t use balloons and hung up paper slingers (Dutch paper streamers) that we hung from the ceiling. I love slingers they are so bright and colourful and can be reused over and over again. When one broke today I was able to put them in the recycle bin as they are just made of paper. The rest went back in the cupboard for the next birthday. We always hang them up when it is someone’s birthday even if we don’t have a party. Just so festive.

For the kids I found some paper masks in the cupboard (I think mum bought them at some stage) they loved the animals masks and being made of paper they were recyclable (though actually none broke so I just collected them up and put them back in the cupboard for another party).

I think some guest were a little shocked at our choice of birthday party food for our two year old but hey I never was one to bow down to others expectations. Also most importantly Gabriel had a wonderful time as he could eat everything on the table including the ice cream and of course his birthday cake.

John will be five this year so I’m thinking of doing a birthday lunch play date with some of his friends. Basically a party with finger foods (maybe homemade pizza or sushi yummy I’ll see what John wants to do) and the kids can play in the yard and I refused to do party take home bags. It too will be a wholefood waste free party.

How do you celebrate your children’s birthdays? Do you host parties? What are your go to foods to serve?


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