Washing organization

Washing; love it or hate it; there’s no getting around it; 
it has to be done. 
I love hanging out washing and seeing it drying in the sun; 
happily flapping in the breeze.   
I don’t mind folding it but at times I have all my washing baskets full of clean folded washing. What I don’t like is putting all the washing away.   

So when I’m feeling especially organized (and have empty washing baskets) I bring out three washing baskets to fold and sort my washing as soon as I take it off the line.
I have a washing basket for our room, 
one for little John and 
one for kitchen/ bathroom/ sheets/ other stuff.
I find when I am super organized and sort my washing it makes it so much easier to put things away as I can just put it in the draws rather than just leaving it in a messy pile in the washing baskets.
This takes a little bit of organizing but it is totally worth it.   
Madeleine x   

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