Washing machine planters

I’m all about our garden and sewing at the moment; how very domesticated of me! Am really enjoying growing our own veggies, I find it very satisfying. I wanted to grow potatoes and yams but really couldn’t decide what to grow them in. I was told that they grow better in some kind of container and I guess this keeps them contained as well.

I first bought some plastic potato bags from Bunnings but decided I really didn’t like the plastic bags (I gave these to my sister in law so that they can plant some potatoes too). I found a great store called Earthlink that sells second hand and recycled items (it’s great they also take electronic goods to be fixed, resold or recycled); I found some washing machine inners that make great planters. I love that these are recycled items that will never degrade or rust and can be used over and over again. At the moment they have potatoes in two of them and I will plant yams when they are ready. I think the planters look rather pretty too.
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