Washing cloth nappies

Washing nappies basics

I put the dirty unsnapped nappies in the nappy bucket – dry pail – no soaking! Once a day or so I throw the whole lot in the washing machine on a cold wash. Sometimes I put the nappies in the dryer to finish off or if I need them urgently I put them straight in the dryer (this is normally only in the winter time).


Other info:

Since I use nappy liners there generally isn’t much poop on the dirty nappies.I don’t add any blench or any other agents to the washing. I use a biodegradable enzyme free washing powder.

I have a bucket liner in my nappy bucket as this helps keep the smells down. I wipe out the bucket with a cloth and tea tree oil then I throw both the liner and the cloth in the wash with the nappies. The tea tree also works as an anti-fungal and antibacterial.

It doesn’t matter how smelly the nappies are when they go into the wash I have NEVER had a nappy come out smelly.

When nappies are stained I just hang them in the sun shine – the sun is magic and they come out clean. As far as I’m concerned these are nappies and so if they have a few stains it really isn’t that big a deal.


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