Washer twine jars

I love having baths and I often have circulation baths they are so relaxing. I buy the epson salts by the kilo but I couldn’t find a jar big enough to store my salts in. So when I saw this great idea on design, dining and diapers, I just knew that I wanted to make one of these!!! These jars are so easy to make and look super pretty. It would make a great gift too!

What you’ll need:

A jar with a lid
A washer


Tie the twine in a knot.
Wrap the twine tightly around the jar until you have a thick band. 
Keep the twine tight and also push the twine up to stop any gaps forming.  
Once the band is thick enough tie the twine in a knot.  
Take the washer and cut off enough twine to go all the way around the jar. 
Fold the twine in half and thread the loop through the washer.
Take the end of the twine and pull it through the loop then pull tight.
Repeat on the other side.
Then tie the twine around the jar.  
The back of my jar is a little messy with the twine being tied together but I figure it’s the back of the jar which no one will see so no biggie.
My jar looks very pretty in the bathroom with the epson salts in it. You could add whatever you like in the jar (ie brownie in jar) and give to someone as a gift. The possibilities are endless.
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