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We recently repainted our bedroom and put up new curtains (when I’m completely finished with our room I’ll share our bedroom redo). Then I decided our walk in wardrobe needed some TLC it was mint green which for some reason I could live with but then one day I released the shelves were purple. I mean honestly! And purple shelves and a mint wall I just couldn’t do! So about $80 later we have an amazing new space.

Check out the wardrobe in all it’s glory! Pretty embarrassed to share these photos! No wonder I always had the doors closed and felt so uninspired! What a piggy! cheap_wardrobe_redo Another shot of my mess! So so much stuff!!cheap_wardrobe_redoCheck out these super sexy doors that I knew just HAD to go!!


First things first I took down the doors and painted them and made them look amazing! Man I LOVE my new doors (I’ll do a how to post in the future). Most of the budget from this wardrobe redo was spent on this amazing fabric! As soon as I saw this fabric I just HAD to have it and I so knew what I was going to do with it (I think I bought it about 3 years ago – sometimes projects take me a while though I guess having a baby might interfere with some plans too!).

I really really LOVE my new doors. I did also cover some lamps with this fabric and even have enough for some cushions if I want. Be sure to check out our super cool new marriage certificate! Mr Ecochick and I got remarried in Vegas! When in Vegas baby! Yep by Elvis too! Woop woop was so much fun.


I decluttered and passed on 3 large rubbish bags of clothes from both mine and Mr Ecochick’s clothes. Was so great to get rid of so many clothes that we don’t wear or can’t fit anymore. Plus getting rid of a bunch of junk/ stuff that had been in the wardrobe for far too long! Feels so liberating to get rid of so much stuff. I then painted the purple shelves white with leftover white paint. I love white it’s so refreshing.

Tip; if you’re painting shelves in situ or small spaces splash out and buy a small roller as well as a large roller they make life so much easier and can be used over and over again. It was SO worth buying the smaller roller.

wardrobe redo cheapOnce the lovely white was all done I painted the mint walls cream with paint leftover from John’s bedroom. I love using up old paint! Free stuff rocks! Once I had finished painting I liked the finished product but it was missing something. I had a great idea in the middle of the night (who doesn’t have their best ideas then?!) to add some super cool Duck tape I bought when we were in the US on holiday.  Wow I LOVE how amazing the tape looks. It really finishes off the look.


Here is my side looking fab! I colour coordinated everything to make it all look so super pretty and also give the dressing room appearance I was going for. I bought some cloth baskets to go under the shelves for all our socks to go in. They used to be in a big bin together and neither of us could find what we wanted so now they are separated so much easier to get dressed in the morning.  cheap_redo_wardrobe

Here is Mr Ecochick’s side. So nice and tidy and organised. So much easier to keep a wardrobe tidy if it’s sorted and mess free to start with. Note how amazing my doors look! cheap_wardrobe_redo

When I put all the clothes back in I turned all the hangers backwards so that when an item is worn the coat hanger will be turned around so I know what I actually do and don’t wear. Next time I clean out all the clothes that are still untouched – those clothes items will be a goner. cheap_wardrobe_redoI wanted some coat hooks to hang up belts, scarves, bras etc. Instead of buying hangers we made some out of old spoons. They are so cute. cheap_redo_wardrobeThe items I wanted to keep close at hand were all placed into storage containers or paper bins that I already owned. I also really wanted a chandelier in my new dressing room and found this light in the garage from a box of lights I once bought for $1.50! Score. It looks fab!  cheap_wardrobe_redo

So here is my beautiful new wardrobe that I am so in love with. I actually have had the doors open for a few weeks since I love the space so much. I did splash out and buy a new laundry hamper (at half price of course!) and it really looks so good in this space not to mention so useful!   redo_cheap_wardrobeI’m rather proud of how this project turned out. I love my new dressing room and I love that I reused items from around the home. I do so love being in my room now and it really feels like my own space rather than living with someone else colours and ideas. I love LOVE LOVE it.

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