Wardrobe doors redo tutorial

I love the way my new wardrobe looks and so I wanted to share how I made these terribly boring doors into something truly amazing. So check these puppies out. Here they are before…

wardrobe_redo_cheapShazam check them out now…


So how did I do this? I took them down and removed all the hinges and door handles they were then four separate panels that I could now work on. The louvered sections of the doors came out easily with the help of a screw driver. The louvered section was just panels that were pinned into the rest of the door. I made quick work of these panels. Once out the louvers broke down into independent pieces which were given to a friend for firewood.


I then painted the doors white. First I gave the doors a light sand to key it so the paint will stick better. I then put on a coat of Resene smooth surface sealer which allows you to paint onto any surface without having to sand all the previous paint off (I’ve used this on melteca and metal before with good results). You only need one coat of the sealer.

I then painted on about four coats of leftover white paint since I first used a brush which left marks I then used a sponge which didn’t work either so I splashed out and bought a small roller. Best thing ever! These tiny rollers pack a big punch and I should have bought one years ago! (sorry I forgot to take a photo)

To make the fabric inserts

I got four 6mm mdf panels cut to fit perfectly within the empty space that the louvers had been. I bought the thickest wadding I could as I wanted the panels to be padded and to give them some shape rather than just putting the fabric straight onto the panels. I wanted the doors to look like an old style dressing room divider. I cut fresh the wadding and spray glued it onto the mdf panels so the wadding didn’t move once the fabric was attached.


I cut my amazing fabric with pinking shares to stop the edges from fraying and waste as little fabric as possible. I then loosely stretched my fabric around the panel and wadding. I din’t pull it tight as I wanted to panels to be all cushioned. I then stapled the fabric in place with a staple gun. Take care to make sure the staples are short enough that they do not go through the wood and damage the fabric. wardrobe_door_redo

I attached small brackets to the back of my panels and then attached these to the outer/ front edge of the previously louvered section (hope this makes sense see the next photo to see the panels in place). I wanted the panels to be as far forward as they would go. Mr Ecochick cut the tips of some screws off for me so that they would go into the mdf panel but would be blunt so they wouldn’t damage my fabric or anyone touching the panels. Since the screws no longer had points I had to pre-drill the holes then put the screws in after.  wardrobe_door_redoPanels and fabric in situ. wardrobe_door_redo

I decided to reuse the original handles that I took off the doors as I think they look great with the fabric I’ve put on. No point in getting rid of perfectly good handles and spending money if I don’t need to. Win win. wardrobe_door_redoSo here is another shot of my beautiful doors.

wardrobe_door_redoPlus another shot of the amazing fabric. I do so LOVE it! In case you wanted to know the fabric is from the Impressions collection by Ty Pennington called TY08 Foliage in Charcoal.


So there you have an easy and cheap transformation from drab to fab!


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