Wallpaper drawer liners

I love my new huge solid rimu vanity. 
Even better I bought it second hand off trade me 
for a fraction of what it would have cost to make/ buy. Score!
Since the vanity is solid rimu I was worried about items spilling and ruining the drawers so I decided to cover the drawers for their own protection.
When I covered my medicine cabinets I bought some lovely scrapbook paper, 
it looks amazing but that was very fiddly. 
This time I went through mum’s old wall paper stash 
and chose my lining from there. 
What you’ll need:
Measuring tape
 Here are my lovely unorganised rather empty drawers.
I had only the essentials in here as I didn’t want to put everything back in only to have to take it all out again to line the drawers and then organise. 
So for the past few months all other bathroom stuff lived in a box in the spare room.
First task was sorting the crap; 
(ie stuff I hadn’t used or missed in the past few months).
I was able to get rid of a whole heap of stuff on freecycle.
Amazing what we own that we think we need but really we don’t!
So stuff sorted I was ready to tackle the drawers.
I took everything out of the drawers.
I actually measured the drawers this time to get my paper the right size.
So measure the drawers and cut paper to size. 
 Once the paper fits (this might require some trimming). 
Add some blu-tack to each of the corners and middle 
to hold the paper in place.
I hate drawer liners that move around. 
Smooth the paper down and viola easy, quick, cheap drawer savers. 
 I organised the drawers so that like items lived with like.
I already had these pretty baskets so I used them to store items in 
like nail stuff; polishes, files, etc.
 I love my new drawers liners. 
Since it is a thick wall paper it also wipes clean easily in case of spillage. 
Actually I thought I had already written this post 
but when I went to look for it it wasn’t there! 
Ha ha anyone else done that!?
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