We’re on our road to semi self sufficiency! Woohoo. Well it’s three small beginnings. We’ve wanted to make a veggie garden for about the last year and just hadn’t got around it. So a few weeks ago we started. Being married to an engineer means that you can’t just make a simple raised veggie bed. No it has to be super strong with 24 huge and I mean huge steel bolts. The wood will rot before these puppies break. We had fun collecting the macrocarpa sleepers; though ended up going to three different stores to get  what we needed. Finally we got all we needed and we were able to start our beds. There’s nothing quite like watching a sexy man with a saw in hand making something for his family.
So once all assembled we had our new garden. Got a truck to deliver some dirt and then bought some organic compost (ours isn’t ready yet and won’t be for some time, so we had to buy some) and voilà we have our very own garden. So off to the shops to buy some seedlings. Seedlings in hand I was ready to plant. So I’ve planted spinach, pak choi, silverbeet, carrots, celery (for the bunny as I hate celery), mesclun salad, boerenkool (farmer’s kale) and two tomatoes that I already had in pots.
To tell you the truth I don’t know anything about plants or gardening. My mum is an amazing gardener and has the most beautiful garden but as my father once said I have black thumbs! So I got a little (well a lot) of help from the NZ Gardener 2011 diary. This magazine is great as it has a week by week guide of what to do in your veggie garden. So I think together we might be able to make it.  
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