Veggie muffins

John has bean at school for 3 weeks now (WOW) and I’m finding it a bit of a struggle to get him to eat his lunch. It’s not that he doesn’t like the food it’s that he wants to go play and so will forfeit eating to play instead. I’m trying to find super energy dense foods to fill him up and are easy for him to eat quickly. I’ve been making energy dense cookies or bliss balls for him to eat at morning tea time which are always eaten but it’s getting more food into him that is hard.

So the other night I made some veggie muffins that he can easy and quickly eat. Best of all I basically opened the fridge and added what veggies I had. When I told John the muffins had beetroot, carrots, Brussels sprouts and leeks in them.  John’s answer was “Gabriel and I are mental about Brussels sprouts” ha ha yep they sure do love them.


Veggie muffins

3 small beetroot

6 Brussels sprouts

1 small carrot

1 leek

salt and pepper

spices- coriander, cumin, paprika, dill

3 free range eggs

1 T coconut flour


Put all the ingredients in the food processor and whiz it.

Pop into a muffin tray (makes about 6 muffins)

Cook at 180C for 20(ish) minutes

Let cool on a wire rack

These will keep for a few days in the fridge. The boys enjoyed these muffins for lunch and dinner. John ate it one day at school but it came home the next day so he had it for dinner. He assured me he liked them so I’ll keep trying. Next time I think I’ll make them in the mini muffin trays to make it easier and quicker for him to eat. What are your go to tricks to get your children to eat?


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