Upcycled bread bag

bread bag nz ecochick
We make our own bread and since plastic free July I actually haven’t bought any since. It’s kind of become Mr Ecochick’s job to make bread he he. He’s at a point where he can make a wholemeal loaf from memory (it helps that he has an almost photographic memory!). Normally I wrap the loaf in a tea towel for storage but I wanted to make a bread bag. So mum was ironing the other day (I’m so not my mother’s daughter! I never iron I don’t even know where my ironing board is) and had an old tea towel so off to the sewing machine she went. She simply stitched two sides together. I then found a piece of ribbon that I tied around the top and and voila I now have a cool upcycled bread bag
bread bag nz ecochick
Check out my cool bread bag in my cupboard. I guess we’ll use it several times then I’ll throw it in the washing machine to be reused over and over again. Thanks mum you rock.
 bread bag nz ecochick
Do you have a favourite bread recipe? Please share. How do you store your bread?
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