Unusual uses for lemons

Today’s wonderful guest post was written by JJ McConnachie who is the editor of The Rural. The Rural is a site dedicated to New Zealand’s rural community. 

Lemon trees are a New Zealand backyard favourite. They are easy-care, and produce a large quantity of fruit. In fact, they produce so much fruit that many lemon tree owners end up giving bagfuls of lemons away! However, if you are burdened with too many lemons, consider the below uses for lemons before giving them all away. You may be surprised at what a lemon could do for your household.
Mould remover: cut a lemon in half, and rub it along any surface with mould. Wipe off with a damp cloth, and watch the mould disappear.


Laundry brightener: squeeze out your lemons to make lemon juice, then put half a cup of it in with your whites in the washing machine. Lemon juice is a natural bleach, and will leave your whites looking brighter.
Keep food fresh: lemon juice counteracts the browning that happens on food when it is exposed to the air for too long. Rub a little lemon juice onto apple or pear slices in the kids’ lunch boxes to stop them from browning throughout the day.
Nail care: if your nails are stained, try rubbing a lemon wedge on your nail’s surface, then give them a buff.
Deodoriser: dip a sponge in lemon juice, then put it on a saucer in the fridge to get rid of any bad smells.
Chopping board sanitizer: rub your chopping board with half a lemon to sanitise and deodorise.
Bug repellent: stick cloves into a lemon for your own homemade bug repellent and air freshener.
Re-crisp soggy lettuce: if your lettuce is looking a little soggy, put it into a bowl of water and add the juice of half a lemon. Put it in the fridge for an hour, and when it comes out, the lettuce will be looking much healthier!
Glass cleaner: add two tablespoons of lemon juice to a cup of water into a spray bottle for an easy homemade glass cleaner.
So next time you find yourself overwhelmed with too much of this amazing fruit, just remember, when life gives you lemons, use them!

Thanks so much JJ I’ll never look at the humble lemon the same again.

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