Two new bunnies

Sadly last week my bunny Nijntje passed away and I wasn’t sure if I was going to get another one but here we are two new little bunnies. These bunnies are from the local animal welfare centre. Their mother was up for adoption and some clever volunteer let a male and female bunny in the run together so now there is not only the mother to re-home but also nine baby bunnies. So I decided to get two bunnies so they can keep each other company.
These bunny’s have been in foster care and so have been handled loads by the lady’s children plus they have been free ranging and also are toilet trained. Wow everything I always wanted.
The bunnies are super snugly. They are both black but one has a white nose. The white nosed one is called Basil and the other doesn’t have a name yet. I’m liking the whole plant/ herb names for our animals. John calls the bunnies nieuw Nijntje. So cute.
The chooks are finding the new friends very interesting. Was super funny when no name bunny got out today Olive was very confused what this little long eared creature was. Really wish I had had my camera on me! now what to call the pure black bunny.Update: A girlfriend suggested Borage. I love it. So now introducing Borage and Basil.

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