Two hour rapid stripped down bread

We haven’t bought any bread since participating in plastic free July wow that’s a lot of bread. Assuming we eat two loafs a week (sometimes more sometimes less) that’s 54 loafs of plastic free bread.

Mr Ecochick makes all our bread and has been working hard to strip the bread down so we only use the bare minimum of ingredients. I love that only FOUR ingredients are used! NO chemicals, NO plastic, NO waste. Just plain healthy goodness.

Mr Ecochick can make this bread from memory in less than five minutes. Not only does this recipe only use four ingredients it also take two hours from start to finish.  Mr Ecochick wrote up (plus took the bread photo. Isn’t he a good boy?) his recipe for you all. Enjoy.

rapid_wholemeal_breadTwo hour rapid stripped down bread

450g flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon active dry yeast
340 ml of lukewarm water

For the flour we used a 50/ 50 mix of strong (high grade) white flour and wholemeal flour. 100% white flour would also work as would replacing the wholemeal flour in the 50/ 50 mix with spelt flour. A higher ratio of wholemeal or spelt flour may not work in the rapid procedure, but please give it a go if you like and comment with the result.

We are using active dry yeast purchased in a 200g block and not bread maker yeast mix. We find the bread maker yeast tastes odd and is very expensive when compared.

Measure all the ingredients into the bread maker pan and start the rapid cycle. This is menu 02 on our Panasonic and this volume is a large loaf. 1 hour and 55 minutes later you will have fresh hot bread with a bare minimum of ingredients.


This bread is so yummy. I love that you can deiced to have soup for tea and make the soup and bread at the same time and have them both for dinner in less than two hours! Or you can use it to make pizza bread by adding some (we used leftover) pasta sauce and cheese and grilling as an easy yummy snack. Or add garlic, butter and cheese for your own homemade super tasty garlic bread. Either way make and enjoy. What’s your go to bread recipe?


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