True cost of nappies

A lot of people buy a few different styles of nappies to see what suits or fits their baby best but not me! Once I had decided on Itti Bittis when I saw sales I bought Itti Bittis to my heart’s content. I bought 8 smalls (2 from trade me – second hand ones are great as the more bamboo is washed the more absorbent it becomes), 12 mediums as I figured he’ll be in them longer and 1 large limited edition nappy (because I couldn’t help myself). Plus some extra snap ins as that’s what I love about the Itti Bitti snap in ones (SIO) is that if the nappy is wet and not dirty you just take out the inside and snap in a new liner. I figured this would last me about a day and a half so enough nappies to do a wash everyday or so.

So I figure I’ve spent about $700 on nappies so far. So how does that compare?

Baby #1 SIO Itti Bitti nappies

24 SIO Itti Bittis $840 (RRP $35pn)

24 SIO Liners $336

900 Washes $108

900 Scoops Laundry Powder $450

Total $1734

900 Tumble Drier (optional) $365

Baby #2$558

Total two children $2292

Baby #1 Disposable nappies

281 Packs of Disposable Nappies $3934 (ave $14 pp)

128 City Rubbish Bags$320 (1 bag/ week $2.50 pb)



Total $4254

Baby #2Disposable Nappies $4254


Total two children $8508

I’ve worked these figures out using an average of 8 nappies per day over two and a half years and washing everyday. Wow that means that Disposable nappies are 3.7 times more expensive than Cloth nappies!!!eco_living_nz

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