Tree sealer

I was looking around at all the beautiful signs of spring around my house. Wow she sure creeps up quickly. I love how the trees look asleep and then suddenly they are full of life!!! Isn’t mother nature amazing!?!
So while showing my neighbour all my fruit trees I noticed that my Billington plum had some scaring on some of the branches that were full of ants. Not sure what this is from or why the ants are there I’m guessing there must be a tasty sweet insect in there? Anyways my neighbour told me to seal the scars with vasaline so I decided to use my bee balm to seal these scars.
What you’ll need:
30g grated beeswax
1/2 cup olive oil
What to do:
Melt the beeswax and olive oil over a low heat in a sauce pan (this happens very quickly so stay close by). Once melted pour into clean glass jars.

I basically got a whole heap of bee balm on my finger and pushed it into the scars, all around and all over until the whole scar was covered with bee balm.
I made a double batch of the bee balm to be used for gardening. I’ve also used this as a pot sealer. So many uses! It seems to be working so far. Does anyone else seal their trees like this? Any other recommendations?

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