Trash the dress

My wonderful Mr Ecochick and I have been married for four fabulous years now. What an incredible and eventful four years it’s been; a new city, a new job, a new home and two amazing wee boys!!! We had a lovely wedding day even though it rained all day but that didn’t deter us any! We got redressed in our wedding finery and did a trash the dress session. Trash the dress is a photo shoot where the idea is the ruin the dress as a symbol of not needing the dress again and take some super cool photos.

We had a wonderful time taking the photos and I just love how they came out. I highly recommend everyone does this!! I loved putting my dress on again; such a great excuse to get dressed up again since your wedding day goes far too quickly! I thought I’d share some photos with you all.

These photos were take by a girlfriend of mine who was a professional photographer, it was wonderful to share the day with a friend. They were taken at Himatangi beach on the Good Friday after our wedding. Yes we got in the ocean and got soaking wet, yes we had an amazing time and yes it was freezing cold!!

Note; my wedding dress was totally fine once my mum hand washed it but Mr Ecochick’s tux was never really the same again. Oh well all worth it.



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