Top four plastic alternatives

I’ve mentioned it’s plastic free July so I thought I’d share how to go plastic free for the top four offenders; straws, plastic bottles, plastic bags and coffee cup lids.
First of straws. I do hate using the plastic ones they are often so flimsy and crack and of course are only used once then thrown away. A while ago I bought metal straws and have been using these ever since. I’m going to add one to my hand bag so whenever we’re out I can decline any offered plastic straws.
To remove plastic bottles from your life couldn’t be easier or more stylish; use metal bottles. Grab an ECOTanka or two. We all have tankas here and LOVE them. We take them everywhere so I don’t have to buy plastic bottles.
Another easy and quick change is getting rid of plastic bags from your life. Grab some beautiful rethinknz cloth bags then just carry your own bags. I keep my bags in the car that way I always have my shopping bags with me. Once I’ve done my shopping I put my bags by the front door so next time I go out I put them back in the car.
I also have small bags in my handbag so I can always use my own bag.
When out and about getting coffee on the go can be a real pleasure. However all those cups are just thrown away. Why not bring your own? There are so many different styles out there but they all do the same great job.
See how easy it is to remove a lot of plastic from your life? Yes it requires some forward thinking and remembering to bring your reusable items but once you start I find it rather additive and I HATE having to use the plastic items. Have you tried any of these? or feel inspired to try them now?
Come back later this week for some great plastic free giveaways.


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