Tints of Nature hair colour

I’ve found a fantastic new hair company and I’m super happy with it. I love that Tints of Nature doesn’t test on animals, contains no animal ingredients and uses certified organic ingredients. The hair colour smelt yummy like black liquorish or aniseed. The colour was very easy to use and didn’t sting my eyes when I put it on/in my hair. The colour was really easy to wash out and when I got it in my eyes it actually didn’t hurt– always a bonus! (Though I wouldn’t recommend doing this!). The shampoo and conditioner that came with the colour smelt great and felt wonderful. I also love that once I was finished colouring my hair all the bottles could be washed and paper could be recycled. The only thing that went in the bin was the foil wrappers from the shampoo and conditioner. Will definitely be using this product again.
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