Tin drum

drum_kids_nz I’ve wanted to make one of these for ages so when a friend’s little man turned one I thought it was time to make one. I still need to make one for John. I always do that I make great gifts for other people’s children and never get round to making one for John. Poor John.

What you’ll need for your drum:

A large tin (I reused an old formula tin)
Vinyl fabric or an old inner tube or rubber of some type

Spray glue
Hole punch machine
Elastic cord or string


First cut off the top and bottom of the tin and removed any sharp edges.

gifts_kids_nzI lay my tin on the fabric and rolled the tin and cut the required length of fabric.
gifts_kids_nz Spray glue the fabric and roll the tin in the sprayed fabric. Smooth the fabric over the tin. Tuck the edges of the fabric over the edges of the tin.
gifts_kids_nzCut out two circles of the vinyl fabric. Make sure the vinyl circles are 3-4 cm larger than the tin.
Punch holes all the way round about 1-2 cm in. Make sure you do the same number of holes on both circles.
Use a string on both sides of the vinyl circles to secure the vinyl before using the elastic.
Zig zag the elastic cord between both of the circles. Pulling tight the whole way round. You might need two people for this. Keep pulling tight until the vinyl is like a drum skin.
I’m pretty proud of my drum even if it’s a little lopsided. Cute right. The little boy I made this for is loving the drum. Now to make John’s one.
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