Tidy bags

Now that I have a lovely new laundry I still have this mess hanging on the back of the door. I need somewhere to keep plastic bags and also my cloth shopping bags. I like them in easy access and since there are hooks on the back of the door they have always hung there however they have always looked so messy. I’d been trying to think of ways to make them look more organised.
So while I was tidying up the spare room I found two lovely ketes that mum gave me a while ago that had just sat in the spare room. Even though I’ve seen them a million times I’m not sure why today was different but I saw them and thought I can hang them on the back of the door and put my plastic and cloth bags in. I hung them up and they looked great but then I thought what would Jen (I heart organizing) do and I knew I had to add some labels. So I printed out two labels and glued these to the ketes. With labels on I think these look very smart and I’m very happy with something else in my home organised. 
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