The “real” gardener

Look I’m like a “real” gardener now; I’m growing my own seedlings and I have tomato plants! I went out with a girlfriend the other day to buy some melon seedlings which I couldn’t but thanks to a facebook page I’m now getting sent some seeds. I did buy some very cool seeds called strawberry sticks! No idea what they are but they look cool and are edible! You can eat the leaves and the fruit; now that is a cool plant! I love that you can buy random food in seed form. Will let you know how they taste once they grow fruit. I’ve never bothered with seeds before as I’m too lazy and I like buying seedlings as then they have a head start but I have started my own little seedling growing pots so will see how they go. I used little pots that I had previously bought seedlings in these are just perfect for growing seeds at home.
I went through my girlfriend’s seed stash and got heaps of cool seeds so I put these in my seedling pots. I made some name tags out of old wooden pegs – basically got a maker pen and wrote on the peg then clipped it onto the seed tray. I’ve sowed: zucchinis, strawberry sticks, lemon balm for mozzies, lemon grass to plant with my passionfruit, dill, chicory and peppermint for tea and fly repellant. I have them on the windowsill in the spare room but also move them out on a nice sunny day. I hope they all sprout – I love watching the little leaves come through the soil. Exciting.
I have tomatoes in a few places in the garden; a hanging basket with cherry tomatoes in it – I’ve already eaten 3 ripe tomatoes!!! Actually mum and I both have one but since she is away John and I ate her four ripe tomatoes! Yummy. There will be another few ready in a few days. I have about 10 tomatoes plants given to me by mum’s friend so far they are little and a little sad but I hope they pick up. I have 3 Roma tomatoes in my cool washing planters; I tied 3 bamboo sticks (that I got from a friend as well) together in tepees to grow the tomatoes up. I still need to tie some sting around the tepees so the tomatoes grow up the middle. I sowed basil seeds under the tomato plants but so far only the far planter has some seedlings. This is why I prefer buying seedlings as they are more predictable. 
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