The Pram Diet

I read this fantastic book called The Pram Diet written by Rebecca Mugridge (ohh and I got a signed copy – how cool is that?!). Rebecca has written a marvellous dedication to her daughter in the front that sent shivers down my spine when I read it. The first chapter of the book is so amazing and moving; it’s about Rebecca’s life journey. This chapter is the most honest, raw, heartbreaking, moving and joyful chapter I’ve read in a long time. I love Rebecca’s truthfulness and unabashed honesty. This chapter could be written about any woman and is written for all women. It really spoke to my core I laughed and cried with Rebecca through her journey (which could easily have been my own).
I love the fantastic chapter she wrote on nurturing yourself and found that her advice was so simple to follow and has made me feel heaps better about myself. Something as simple as making your bed as soon as you get up or taking a little time to look after yourself as a woman rather than just a mum made such sense and has definitely helped with my self esteem. Often you get lost as a mother and taking some self identity back is not only good for you but for the whole family.
I LOVE that Rebecca is a vegetarian and has dedicated most of a chapter to growing your own food. She has great tips and good advice for the new (or experienced) gardener, she has added some simple projects that don’t take much time or money. The last chapter is full of easy and super yummy healthy recipes with a very easy to follow weight loss diet plan; I love the names she has given the recipes. Thanks to Rebecca I can now make a simple but very tasty quiche. Being a vegetarian myself it can be really hard to follow a diet as not many diets cater for non meat eaters. So I love that most of Rebecca’s recipes are vegetarian but she adds tips on how to add meat if you would like and there are also some great meat dishes in there too.
All in all this book is totally worth a read weather you want to lose weight, be fitter and healthier, boost your self esteem, grow your own vegetables or just want a great read. I highly recommended this book and I think I will be referring to it often.  
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