The pantry!

For months I’ve been trying to sort and clean up my pantry but I just couldn’t get it right and every time it was clean the next day it was a mess again. It’s been driving me crazy. On the weekend I was so fed up I tackled it head on. First thing I did was put all our bulk spices and herbs into old baby jars. I’d been collecting these jars for months now as they are a great size but I just wasn’t sure what to use them for; so I’m very happy I’ve now found a use for them. We buy our spices in bulk and so refill the spice shakers; which is heaps cheaper than buying new shakers every few months and of course better for the enviroment – less rubbish and waste. However there were lots of herbs and species that didn’t have homes so now they look rather nice in the baby jars. I even found a set of labels in the cupboard so they are nicely labelled too.
I found that I would buy the spices and since they were not all together we didn’t know what we already owned and so would double up wasting money. I went to the shops yesterday and bought some storage containers – so now all our spices are in one place nicely packed away and no more wasting money.  
We’ve always stored our baking goods in one place but our pasta, noodles and rice were in two different cupboards and again we didn’t know what we already had so would waste more money. I found about 4 unopened packets of rice and since they are now all together looking tidy we now don’t have to buy rice for a while! So organising and decluttering not only looks better but saves you money.   
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