The new garden

I’ve been talking about the new garden for a little while now so I thought I should do a post on “this new garden”. NG is next to our deck right beside the house so it’s one of the first things you see when you go out the backdoor and for a few years now it’s been over grown with weeds and fallen apples (eww). NG looked terrible and John could walk in it and you couldn’t see him – that’s how high the weeds were! Since I wasn’t interested in gardening until March last year NG was never touched. Now that I love gardening and think about it all the time I have decided to take over more and more of our garden to grow food in so NG was my new project.
A wonderful girlfriend came to help me pull out the weeds and clean up the site. She was so great she even picked up all the yucky rotten apples as I was struggling with the sliminess of it all even with gloves on – I’m such a woose! Alix is much tougher than I am and since her and her hubby own a lawn mowing business my small NG and apples were no big deal for her. We also had to remove heaps of ivy off the fence and there was a dead kowhai tree that Mr Ecochick pulled put with his bare hands! 
Once all the weeds had been cleared – this took about a week in total! We then had to remove all the stones that were under the weeds and on top of the weed matting! Removing the stones took Mr Ecochick and I two weekends! I put the pebbles on freecycle and a lady came to get the stones- it took 3 trailer loads and there are still some leftover. So you can imagine us shovelling them and using a wheelbarrow to move them took plenty of time and energy! Pulling up the weed matting was the easy part.

Once the pebbles had been removed we were on our hands and knees removing the last of the pebbles when we noticed some big rocks so we started removing them only to discover the about 10cm under the soil there was solid concrete!! Oh I love the 80s where everyone filled in their gardens with concrete and made rock gardens!!! So out came the sledge hammer and a few more weeks work all the concrete was removed. Actually we broke one sledge hammer so had to go buy another one! Mr Ecochick was fantastic he never once complained even when he had to bring home the jackhammer from work to break up the two layer thick concrete. I can’t even swing a sledge hammer let alone remove the huge amount that he did. Yeah for sexy strong hubbies!

Finally after about 2 months! We had a bare patch. We levelled out the ground with shovels then added about 3 bags of compost and 3 bags of zoodoo. We also broke up a whole heap of left over gib to be added to the soil. Mr Ecochick had come up with the super bright idea of borrowing a rotary hoe off his boss so the soil turning was super easy! We felt like mini-farmers with the rotary hoe in tow! 

I put down some paving stones that I found round the back of the house as stepping stones. We had also broken a dinner plate so instead of throwing that out it is now a stepping stone as well. NG still has a long way to go as the soil is clay and rubbish but with time it’ll get better.

So far I have planted; the lime tree, nasturtium seeds, a cape gooseberry, a gooseberry, a tamarillo, beetroots, a row of carrots, garden peas, butter beans and scarlet runners on clothes rack trellises, a rosemary and chives under the old apple tree, strawberry sticks, pumpkin seeds (which I need to dig out and move), watermelon seeds, rockmelon seedlings, lettuce, red onions and two courgettes. I still want to add more things to NG especially a packet of beneficial inspect blend. The coriander is about to go to seed so I’ve moved it off the deck and we might get some self seeded coriander plants. So that was the whole long story of the new garden. 

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