The great dummie debate

September article for the Parents centre newsletter
When I was pregnant I had all these ideas about how things were going to go and what I was and wasn’t going to do. I was really against dummies and said I would never use one. John kept using me as a dummie and one night at midnight I had had enough and the next day we went out and bought a dummie. The dummie really was a huge help in settling John to sleep easily in his own bed. It meant I no longer had to feed him to sleep and we could put him in his bed and he would fall asleep on his own.
John + Monsties = one very happy baby
We used the dummie at night and sometimes during the day if needed – I found it really soothed John and made it easier for him to sleep. Every child is different and some children need to suck constantly to be soothed to sleep and settle more quickly. The ease of putting John to sleep was totally worth using a dummie. Often as a parent you will do things that you said you would never do – a dummie can be a total lifesaver and a great trade off for a decent night’s sleep.
At about four months we removed the dummie slowly over a few nights by only giving it to John to help him fall asleep and then taking it away. Now he no longer has a dummie but he loves to suck on a piece of satin cloth with monsters on it. He always goes to bed with his cloth and is so excited when he sees his monsties so I guess we’ve just replaced the dummie for a piece of cloth but whatever helps your child sleep is totally worth it.  
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