Teach your children how to be eco-friendly with these simple steps

‘Monkey see, monkey do’ – what we do our children will do too? I vote yes. So how do you teach your children how to be eco-friendly? Here are my top tips, from one eco-parent to another.
If you throw recyclable items in the bin chances are that your children will do the same. Children have a tendency to copy everything we do and say which gives you a great opportunity to teach them them about living eco-friendly early. There are some simple and easy ways in which every parent can do this.
Create a recycling station with bins clearly labelled glass, plastic, cans and paper. Ask your children to help sort the recycling, and if they’re a little bit older you could try giving them the task of taking out the recycling. What’s great about recycling is that children of any age can get involved. A good tip is to instead of throwing items straight in the bin why not show your child how to re-purpose them by, for example, creating toys out of them.
Bring your children shopping and explain why you buy some products instead of others. You might for example buy items in glass jars rather than plastic or buying in bulk. Explaining to your children why it’s important to buy natural products over chemical products, and the impact that chemicals have on the environment, will teach them from an early age that going green is the better option.
Buy second hand and give away items you no longer need. A great way to get your children involved in eco-living is to show them that buying new isn’t always the best option. Next time you go shopping in second hand shops, or to garage sales, why not bring them with you? This way you can explain straight away why buying second hand is better for the environment and show them all the great items available. You can also get your children to choose which of their toys or clothes they want to donate to second hand shops to show the full circle of recycling.
Show them the value of homegrown. A great way to harvest the planet and a have a fun day outdoors is to get your children involved with gardening. Growing your own vegetables is not only eco-friendly but also a fun way to teach your little ones about green living. If they’re old enough let them have their own little patch where they can grow a vegetable or two and help them with harvesting. Teaching children where our food comes from, and growing food without pesticides, are invaluable life lessons.
What are your tips on how to teach your children about the world of green?

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