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A million years ago (wayyyy back in July – disgusting I know so sorry Mel) I was tagged by the very frugal Mel from Frugal Kiwi. I am still excited that I was asked to be part of this tag (not sure what happened to the post I was going to do way back then but anyway here it is). So the details. The game of tag was started at Tripbase. Basically you write about 7 of your posts and tag 5 other bloggers.

So here goes:
 My most beautiful post

This was a hard one to pick as I love all the photos of my little man and love taking photos of him. I choose Holland trip to be my most beautiful post. Maybe it’s not the most beautiful but it makes me smile when I look at these photos and think of the amazing trip we all had together. Best holiday I’ve ever had!
My most popular post
My post popular post is… me!! Well here goes actually but that is all about me. Interesting that after all this time it is still most popular post. This was the first post I ever posted. I was so nervous that day when I decided to start NZ Ecochick. Who knew where it would all go and that we would all be here together!!
My most controversial post
I have written quite a few controversial posts (I prefer to call them passionate posts rather than controversial) but you my lovely readers don’t seem to be easily rattled. I would have thought that my post on being a vegetarian, 10 tips to help animals or mama pads would have got a few comments but no. Though on facebook my post on cloth toilet paper got some very interesting responses so I guess that must be my most controversial post then?
My most helpful post

This would have to be Oh cloth how I love thee… This post has a list of all the cloth things we do in our home and so has loads of links within my blog. Almost like a table of contents to NZ Ecochick.
A post whose success surprised me
This has to be Bamboo – the newest, greatest and greenist product on the market? It constantly amazes me how popular this post is and how often this post is viewed. I know bamboo is fantastic but I find it interesting that so many read this post every day.
A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved 
I always felt being a vegetarian never got enough hits and there are no comments on it. More recently this post has had a lot more hits but still no comments. This topic is very important to me and is kind of the essence of me.
The post that I am most proud of
This is Abraham/ Sarah banketspop. This post was the hardest post I’ve ever written. I had to translate the text from two different Dutch books (one of which is super old) into English. I can speak Dutch fluently but can only read it slowly and hadn’t ever really attempted to read a cook book all by myself. A good effort I believe. 

So that was NZ Ecochick in 7 links. Check out these great blogs that I love and read all the time. So tag you’re it:
Nazila from Green-Eyed Monster Blog. GEMB is a smart savy on the pulse green blog. Based in the UK Nazila has all the latest eco trends and is completely in the know!
Gwen from Now and Gwen. Gwen is an American Kiwi. She writes about her day to day life; gardening, furry four legged friends and other topics that often have me in absolute stitches.
Emma from Craving Fresh. Emma has fantastic gardening advice, great recipes and great frugal living ideas. She is my go to girl when I need to know anything about my garden.
Liz from Eight Acres. She is living the self sufficient life so many of us dream about. Living in Queensland and small-scale farming basically making a go of doing it all themselves.
Andrea at the Green Backs Gal. Her tag line is living the dream on very little green; kind of sums it all up really. Andrea has great information on going green, being green and staying green.
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