Super yummy velvet custard

Wow I’m loving this custard that Mr Ecochick has been making (actually the recipe comes from the wonderful Edmonds cookbook). I think we’ve had this custard as a desert with fruit and yoghurt for the last few days as it’s so yummy. I’m not normally a huge fan of custard but this custard is super yummy!

What you need:

1 T custard powder
2 tsp sugar
1 cup milk
1 egg


Place milk, sugar and custard powder in a pan. 
Whisk egg separately and add to milk. 
Heat pan and stir with whisk until mixture thickness and boils. This can be done quickly since it is being stirred constantly. 
Remove from heat.
As mixture cools, stir from time to time to prevent a skin and lumps forming.

This custard is SO super yummy!!!! Mr Ecohcick even wrote the instructions for me as I’ve never made this and he is the resident custard (and food) expert!!! This is great hot or cold the day it’s made or the next. 
This custard tasted just like the store bought stuff but costs MUCH less!!
It cost us about .80c to make and store bought is $1.80 for the same amount so save yourself a trip to the store and $1 per serving. However of course the smallest amount you can buy is 600ml and this costs $3.85. Also make it whenever you have the urge!! 

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