Check out these amazing books I’m reading at the moment. Crazy and so exciting. So why would I be reading them? You guessed it I’m going back to university to study to be a Nutritionist. Yesterday I got my official offer of study and I have accepted!! Woohoo fist pump!! I’m so super excited!!!

study_nutrition_scienceSo what and where am I studying?

I’m study extramural at Massey University and am starting with a Graduate Certificate in Science and Technology with a focus in Human Nutrition. Once I have completed this cert I’m going to do a Postgraduate Diploma in Science with a focus in Human Nutrition.

So why can I go straight into post graduate level?

Well are you ready? I have a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Study (plus I studied Latin and Art History), a Postgraduate Teaching Diploma and a Diploma of Veterinary Nursing. So what does my name look like with all its official letters?

Madeleine (BA, PostgradTESOL and DipVetNurs) Ha ha almost funny!! Can’t decide what I want to do when I grow up. He he.

Why nutrition?

We’ve been on a green and eco journey for several years now and have cut out toxins from our home and lives but there is more to reducing your toxins by making your own cleaners and gardening. What about the food you’re putting in your mouth?

I’ve been doing a lot of my own study and reading about optimum health and nutrition. I feel so passionate and excited about nutrition and health that I decided to study it so I can share what I learn with the world. I truly believe so many of people’s health problems can be helped and even cured through nutrition. I want to help other people get better and live the life they were meant to lead with full health without pain or disease.

So what does that mean for NZ Ecochick?

Don’t worry I will not be going anywhere!! I’ll still be here but since I’ll be studying two papers a term for about the next four years and maybe more if I decide to do a Masters (we’ll see and we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it). It does mean I won’t be able to blog as often and the focus of my blog won’t change but I’ll blog as I can and have the time and energy. I will still be active on my facebook page and instagram also be sure to sign up to get my blog posts via email.

NZ Ecochick in essence will still be all about living the green life but also about getting rid of the toxins in our bodies through the food we eat. I’ve done a few nutritional posts already and no doubt I’ll share more information as I learn it however NZ Ecochick will not become a food blog.

I’ve even set up myself a little study corner in our bedroom. John call’s it “mama’s office”. Now I just need a little study lamp and a comfy chair. Cute isn’t it?

nutrition_nz_studySo I’ve been reading the course books before I officially start my course in July and have been enjoying the return to science. Such a geek! Actually I love being a geek!! I love reading about cellbio it’s like seeing old friends again. You know why?

scienceSo stay tuned for exciting posts and a whole new journey.


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