Stencilling on a metal bookcase

I stenciled woop woop there I said and did it! How very changing rooms 1990 of me! I think I even bought the stencil back in the 90s! I painted Gabriel’s metal bookcase completely white and love the effect but I wanted to add a little something to it. So I stenciled away. I really enjoyed it and it was easier than I thought. It turned out rather well and cost me nothing but a few ours work.

stencilling_how_tutorialI firmly stuck the stencil onto the round metal pipe with masking tape.  I stuck it with tape in several places as I didn’t want the stencil to move around at all. stencilling_how_tutorial

You can either buy a fat brush or simply cut the tip off an old paintbrush like I did. You certainly don’t want to use pointy brush or the bristles will go under the stencil and mess up your pretty paint work.

stencilling_how_tutorial Put a small amount of paint on your brush then dab the excess off on a cloth. stencilling_how_tutorial

Gently dab your paintbrush onto your stencil. Dab/ push rather than stroke the paint onto the stencil. Make sure you push the paint on top of the stencil edges to stop the stencil from moving around and you’ll get much crisper edges.

The paint will appear very specked so I did three coats. I used water based paint so by the time I’d finished the first coat I could do the second and third in one sitting. I then removed the stencil and did the same stencil two more times on the bookcase leg.  stencilling_how_tutorialViola all done! Looking good too I might add. Only took an hour or so. Was great fun.  stencilling_how_tutorial So here is the finished bookcase in all its glory. Looking rather smart in Gabriel’s room. This bookcase used to be a bright coloured metal bookcase which I first painted white then added this stencil.

The paint I used for the stencil is the same colour as Gabriel’s walls and I chose this ivy stencil to match Gabriel’s tree mural I painted for him.

We attached the bookcase to the wall so it doesn’t fall on Gabriel when he climbs on it. Actually all the furniture in our home is attached to the walls just in case. I’d hate to have some furniture fall on one of my babies!   stencilling_how_tutorialHave you ever done any stenciling? I did enough it and might do it again.   eco_living_nz

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