Stainless steel straws

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Little John loves straws; drinking from them, blowing bubbles with them and breaking them! I really hate buying plastic straws that will be used once then John will break it and it’ll have to go to the landfill; what a waste of resources. 
In the States you can buy glass straws which I think are super cool but I can’t find a supplier in NZ though Amazon does sell them. I was worried that the glass straws would break too quickly so I decided not to get these.
My solution; I bought John and my nieces some stainless steel straws. I couldn’t find anyone in NZ that sold these so I bought my straws from ebay but you can also buy them from Amazon.
I love stainless steel it’s normally made from 60% recycled material and is completely recyclable at the end of its required life. John loves his new straws and they are easy to clean just chuck them in the dishwasher. It may pay to run a pipe cleaner through the straw once in a while as well.
Warning: these are steel tubes so please, please, PLEASE be really careful when you give these to your children. I only let John use the straw when he is sitting and I am sitting with him. Please don’t let your children walk around with these straws in their mouths. I do find these a little scary but I think they are an amazing alternative to plastic straws so I will continue to use them with care.
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