Sprouting and watering seeds

I’m so excited my seeds are sprouting!! I’m like a kid on Christmas day every morning John and I look under the black plastic sheets to see how my little seeds are doing! Last year I just put my seeds in the soil and told them to go for it so this year I’m being a little kinder on them.  
I splashed out and bought some seedling mix since I got all these fantastic seeds for my birthday I want to give them as much a chance as possible. I covered my trays (the trays are mum’s old seed trays you can use pretty much anything to grow your seeds in) and egg cartons (these are for plants that don’t like their roots disturbed I can just cut up the cartons and put the little cups straight in the ground) with seedling mix then sprinkled my seeds in pretty rows. I labelled my rows with old wooden pegs; seedlings all look the same once they sprout. I put the seed trays close to the window and covered the trays with black plastic bags to speed up the sprouting processes and wow was it fast. Some seeds broke through after only two days!! Now a week later most of the seeds are showing their little cute heads.   
I’ve been watering my seeds as per James Wong’s prescription; water seeds with a warm water chamomile tea. Put a chamomile tea bag (or fresh chamomile flowers if you have them) into a spray bottle and fill with warm water and shake. The chamomile works as a anti-fungal agent to stop damping off; a fungal infection that kills young plants.  
I also read that once the seeds have sprouted (remove the plastic cover) to stop them becoming long and lanky as they arch towards the light you can either rotate the seeds regularly or you can use some tin foil or a mirror to reflect the light from the window. I will rotate my seeds tomorrow and I think I have a mirror lying around that I can put opposite the window behind the seedlings I don’t want all this effort going to waste!
Have you grown seeds before and what tips have you got for me?

Madeleine  x
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