Spring seeds

For my birthday last week my parents gave me a voucher to spend at King Seeds. Such an amazing gift! I got to buy whatever I wanted. Woohoo was so much fun. So what did I buy?
Snow Peas – because you can NEVER have too many snow peas.
Sugar snap peas – one of my free seed packets. Too many peas? NEVER!
Kale – because I love kale. yum yum yum.
Zucchini – such a versatile and tasty vegetable. Get so expensive int eh winter time so I want to have too much so I can freeze plenty.  
Melon – yum I love melons and I love eating fruit from the garden. 
Chicken greens – I know I don’t have my chickens yet but I really couldn’t help myself. I also thought it would be great to grow some extra food for my giant bunny.
Chives – I love chives they go so well in so many foods. Was another fantastic free packet. 
Hyssop– a mint tasting plant that can be added to food or use in a tea for colds or flus.
Lady’s mantle – helps to stop bleeding.
Hollyhock – a very pretty flower that can be used for skin inflammations. 
Echinacea – another very pretty flower that’s great for colds and flus. 
Heartsease – I’ve wanted these little violas for ages. I cant wait to have them in the garden. They are super pretty and good for skin inflammation and are edible. 
Calendula – I bought two different colours. Calendula is amazing and has so many uses.
Marshmallow – used for irritation of mucous membranes.
Rue – good for sore eyes and as an insect repellent (it’s meant to deter dogs and cats as well). Another free packet. Thanks so much King Seeds!  
Sechuan button – chew for toothache. I’m going to grow this one in a pot inside. 
Valerian – used for insomnia and has a sedative effect. 
Bergamot – make into a tea for colds and sore throats.
Lavender – I love lavender I have three different varieties already but I wanted a lavender hedge they are so pretty. Lavender is very soothing and calming.
Chamomile (German)- make into a tea to aid digestion.
I’m so excited I’ve finally got all these herbs for my garden I’ve wanted these for ages! Now to buy some seedling mix and grow some seedlings. Then to prepare the new garden on the driveway for my herb garden. The drive will look so pretty with all these beautiful herbs growing next to it. With spring only three weeks away I can’t wait to get my summer vegetables ready to go in the garden for when the weather warms up.
There are still plenty of other things I’m going to plant in the garden. I want to get the garden sorted very soon before I get too large and tired to be able to get in there! 
What are you going to plant this year? 
Madeleine  x  
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