Spring is in the air

I’m very excited that Liz from strayed from the table asked me to be a part of the garden share collective. So every month I’ll be sharing what’s growing and what I plan to do this month. When I walked out on my deck I thought I have nothing to share as the garden looks like poop. Though I was pleasantly surprised…
The girls are having great fun in the garden eating what they want where they want. I remind myself they are busy digging the garden over for me!!! Cant wait till me fence is finished so I can get some mushroom compost and get some seedlings in.
I was wrong there is loads going on in my garden check out these super pretty and yummy tamarillos! I’ve managed to grow four!


My garlic, that I put in about a month late, is looking wonderful. The one the left is garlic cloves I saved from my own garden from last year. On the right is elephant garlic.

My lemonade tree is looking great this year. It is full of fruit now to work out when it’s ready to eat.

My raspberry patch is full of life. From the look of it I should have loads of yummy raspberries. I love anything to do with raspberries.
 My billington plum is full of loads of pretty flowers. I hope that means lots of yummy plums!!! I love home grown plums. My parents had an amazing tree when I was growing up it was either a billington or a black doris (therefore I have both for these in the garden) can’t wait to eat these.
My asparagus crowns are looking fantastic. Only another year before we can actually eat them. I might move them out of their containers this year into a permanent home in the deck garden or maybe under the grape it depends how we keep the chickens out.
Wow my broccoli romanesco is finally doing something!! I have two heads in two plants. Might be a success? Cant wait to eat this pretty plant.
Actually my later winter garden isn’t doing too badly at all. So my plan for the next month is to finish the fence to keep the chooks out of the side garden and fill it with mushroom compost. I also want to clear out all the weeds from the driveway and side gardens also in preparation for adding mushroom compost so I can then plant my seedlings. Woop woop can’t wait for spring and eating from my garden again. Garden how I’ve missed you.
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2 thoughts on “Spring is in the air

  1. August 6, 2013 at 10:23 pm

    Its looking good Madeleine! Surprising how much we can grow in winter compared to those with snow 🙂

  2. August 7, 2013 at 9:11 am

    I love walking around the garden at this time year as the weather warms up and watch the new growth and blossoms. This year will be our first real asparagus harvest, can’t wait!