Some tips on starting toilet training

April article for the Parents centre newsletter

When do you know your little one will be ready to start toilet training? This can be so overwhelming for everyone Gina Ford’s Pottery training in one week is an amazing resource. Below are her tips on when to start potty training and also how to get your child used to using a potty.
Signs your child is ready to start potty training:
John posing on the potty wearing
owl BottyBots

Your child is over 18 months (some people start this earlier some much later)

Your child has some bladder control ie is dry after several hours in a nappy
Your child is aware they are pooping ie either knows when they are about to poop or asks for a nappy change after
Your child understands and follows simple instructions
Can point to different body parts when named
Can sit still or concentrate for five to ten minutes.
If your child is showing all of the signs above it can be a great time to start potty training. To get started you could use a potty or a child’s toilet ring, have your child wear easy loose trousers or dresses that are easily removed or lifted up; you could also try some cloth training pants like those available from BottyBots
To help your child get used to using a potty try encourage your child to sit on the potty without their nappy on for several minutes while you prepare their bath. Once your child is happy to sit on the potty at bath time try encouraging them to sit on the potty before breakfast. If your child does use the potty Gina states it’s important to praise your child’s behaviour ie say how clever they are for sitting on the potty rather than saying they are a good boy/girl. Good luck.
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